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FA-M3可编程控制器日本横河YOKOGAWA FA-M3基本参数: 本种fa-m3是新一代可编程控制器控制器,可以实现超高速处理和控制稳定的特点。它集成了一个节省空间的紧凑设计,支持灵活的范围覆盖了8192输入/输出点,并配有各种的模块,它可以用来配置应用广泛,F3SP35、F3SP38、F3SP58、F3SP59、F3SP67。General The Range-free Multi-controller FA-M3 is a next-generation programmable controller which achieves high performance through its ultra high-speed processing and stable control features. It incorporates a space-saving compact design supports versatile ranges with cover for up to 8192 input/output points and is equipped with a variety of advanced modules which can be used to configure a wide range of applications.FA-M3可编程控制器 With the FA-M3 decreased total cost of ownership (TCO) can be realized through openness improved functions and reduction in the size of machines and facilities. Features The increased speed of the FA-M3 has been achieved as a result of adopting the concept High Speed IPRS which is based on four factors; Instruction Process Response and Scan. This contributed to increased accuracy of instruments and productivity. The FA-M3 has also inherited structured programming and uses an “object ladder*” to create an efficient total design all the way from planning to maintenance. *: “Object ladder” is a program development concept aimed at dramatically improving customization efficiency by integrating programs and devices into independent objects (e.g. blocks) on function basis. FA-M3可编程控制器Ultra-high Speed Processing The high-speed instruction processing capability of the FA-M3 makes it ideal for applications that require high speed and quick response. - The F3SP28 and F3SP38 CPUs achieve a scan time of 1 ms for a 6K steps program*. - The F3SP53 F3SP58 F3SP59 F3SP66 and F3SP67 CPUs achieve a scan time of 1 ms for a 20K steps program*. *: The scan times mentioned above can only be a achieved under specific conditions and vary depending on the contents of the program and system configuration. Sensor Control Function This function allows one CPU to perform a parallel operation at a minimum scan time of 200 μs while carrying out a main scan during program operation. It enables one block of the program to be executed at high-speed and fixed intervals independently of a main scan which features high performance and advanced functionalities. Built-in Network Function (when using F3SP66 F3SP67) These sequence CPU modules have a built-in network function which complements high-speed control with fast access and storage of large files. With pre-installed support for a wide range of common communication protocols it addresses diverse application network requirements and enables transfers of large files. FA-M3可编程控制器Multiple CPUs The FA-M3 can accommodate up to 4 CPUs in one base module depending on the system size program size and CPU aptitude. The supported CPU modules include sequence CPU modules as well as BASIC CPU modules. Program Reusability Object ladder allows integration of programs with devices into components on function basis. This improves the reusability of user software and efficiency of machine custom design. - Local Device Devices used as variables in designing blocks or component macros have been completely independent. The same name devices can be recognized as the different devices so that analyses and adjustment of the device structure for reuse of ladders are not necessary. FA-M3可编程控制器- Index View The view of a ladder program except for comments on circuits can be hidden or shown by collapsing or expanding as necessary. This gives better visibility and allows detailed debugging while allowing for an understanding of the whole flow of the program which improves debugging efficiency. - Windows Environment The FA-M3 incorporates many functions such as OLE which run under the Windows environment. This allows data such as comments and tag names to be exchanged with Microsoft Excel and ladder diagrams to be exchanged with Microsoft Word using drag-and-drop operations. Open Network The FA-M3 supports open network protocols such as Ethernet FL-net DeviceNet AS-interface PROFIBUS-DP GP-IB RS-232-C/422 and NEXUS and provides a range of modules for use on a variety of networks ranging from field networks to system configuration networks. FA-M3可编程控制器I/O Configuration Up to Seven Additional Subunits for I/O Extension Up to 8192 inputs and outputs can be processed (for F3SP35 F3SP38 F3SP58 F3SP59 and F3SP67).   联系人:谢小姐 18925025757 电话(tel):020-22308872 传真(fax):020-22308872 QQ:892708794  MSN:gzrh17@hotmail.com 邮箱(E-mail):18925025757@163.com 公司网址:http://gzrh17.com     http://www.rh1718.com   公司地址:广州市天河区宦溪石宦路90号二楼12号房  

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